~ An Hour With You~

This beautiful print is © Sharon E. Steinhaus
from her Oil Gallery used here with her written permission.
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The little house is only a few hours drive away,
But it belongs to another time and another day!
My Grandma who loved me,
Doesn't live there anymore.

She is gone to her new home,
On Heaven's bright shore!
Now, there is nobody livin' there,
And the house is almost down.

The last time I drove by,
There was no one aroun'.
Grandpa left "the old home place" first,
Being the first to die.

Then, Grandma left for Heaven,
Ere' three months passed by.
Memories of bygone days,
Often touch my heart.

And, as I grow older,
They aren't as far apart!
I remember after Church on Sundays,
We would all gather there!

Though there was a bunch of us,
Grandma didn't care.
She loved having her loved ones,
All gathered around,

And there was always plenty,
Of love to be found!
Before dinner all the womenfolk,
Including my Mother,

Would be fixin' the food,
As they talked to each other!
The men would converse,
While we children would play,

Or sometimes "listen in,"
To what the men had to say.
Men folk eating first was the rule of that day.

I don't ever remember having any other way.
But, even at the third table when we kids took our seat,
There was always enough for us little folks to eat!
In the afternoon we might go swimmin',
Play horseshoe, or ball!

But, whatever we did there was a good time had by all!
Memories of those days are still dear to me,
And sometimes in "my mind's eye" I can still see,
The house I frequented when I was just a boy.

And faces of those who once filled my heart with joy!
Yes, only precious memories are all that remain,
Of happy times spent in "the house down memory lane!"

Robert F. Dotson © 2007



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Music: "Nostalgia"
"Dolphin's Dream Quietude"
Sequenced By: Yanni
Midi Courtesy Of Dolphin's Dream
Used With Permission


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