~ An Hour With You~


Into each life some storms come hounding
And some do a damage then leave,
But some storms linger around forever
And some hearts will always grieve.

Into each life some raindrops fall
Ripping you of your pride,
The pain in your heart never heals
And the scars just sneak and hide.

But Jesus told me to ride out my storm
And remember I am not alone,
And He promised there will be victory
For me, when I reach my new home

For now my storm is a heavy storm
But it won't last too long,
For I was told to hold onto Jesus
And He will fill my heart with a song

There will be a calm after the storm
When Jesus is in control,
All the trials of tomorrow will cease
When we reach Heaven that new land of gold.

Ann Hart
Feb. 8, 2005









  Image from: http://FreeFoto.com


Music: "He Knows Just How Much We Can Bare"

Earnest And Roline Ministries
Performed By: Ezra Bufford
Used With Permission

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