~An Hour With You~

Image By Dark Blue Knight

The Bible and The Rose will always,
Portray in my heart Godís Love for us,
Through His only Son and our sweet Lord,
Who wept tears of blood for us to bless.

Chapter and verse reiterate Love,
The greatest Gift ever found and known,
Is uncovered in inspired stories,
From the Rose Who forever has shone.

The Bible stands in such high honor,
And everyone should always select,
For sweet peace of Godís Majesty spreads,
So beautiful we must not neglect.

For through it all there is His beauty,
The fragrance of the Lordís Love for us,
Every chapter you read He is there,
To give of Himself and then caress.

The Bible and Rose enfold all round,
After all Jesus loved us so much,
He shed His precious blood to redeem,
Divine purityís in His touch.

Our prayers unite our souls with God,
To become closer and reconciled,
For there is none like Him to go to,
O precious Savior gentle and mild.

The Bible and The Rose will always,
Emerge with life giving hopes and dreams,
As they spring eternal in my heart,
Expressing such a Love my soul beams.

Precious priceless treasures I behold,
And lay eyes on and perceive this sweet,
Smelling aroma Godís Son Jesus,
The Savior of all mankind I greet.

©Sondra McPherson
02 May 2007



Music: " "Sweet Peace"
Sequenced By: Robert Jones
Used With Permission