~ An Hour With You~

The best in you comes at a price
Of pain and sacrifice
Like the oyster feeling the pain
Of a grain of sand
Which makes a pearl translucent and grand.

The pain of love lost
Brings a terrible cost
And tears flowing unchecked
Wash away the pain
So you are free to love again
At some future day.

To lose someone you hold dear
Never to see their face again
Brings sorrow and pain
And you shed tears for the loss
Of never seeing them again here.
Then, God whispers to your soul
Jesus paid the cost so you and I
Will have a grand reunion in the sweet bye and bye.

When the storm clouds arrive
Bringing troubles to your lives
And you struggle to make it through
God uses your struggles to give you strength
To keep a going
All the time His love a showing
You do not struggle alone
For the sun still shines behind the clouds
And shines with hope again when the storm is gone.

As you walk on the fiery coals so fierce
Nothing your soul can pierce
When God is walking by your side
And will ever abide
If in Him you put your trust and hope
You can endure to the end
Knowing God is your Protector and Friend.

Even though you feel despair
When troubles come
Remember God is always there
And soon it will be understood
When troubles beset
God will turn it to your good
Helping you make it through
As He brings out the best in you.

ŠJane Ward Smith
May 5, 2007




Music: "My Child"
"Dolphin's Dream Quietude"
Midi Courtesy Of Dolphin's Dream
Used With Permission

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