~ An Hour With You~


The fiddlers were playin
them hillbilly tunes
Peggy-sue's partner
was at the saloon

Flirtin 'n teasin
desperate for love
her moves quite enticing
pants fit like a glove

A barn full of cowboys
just lookin for gals
Peggy-sue winked
'n flaunted big smiles

Foot stompin music
to set the right pace
Peggy-sue smirkin
at ev'ry new face

A farmer's daughter
who knew all the ropes
lassoed her new lovers
by weaving false hopes

Off in the corner
a lone cowboy sat
dry straw in his teeth
and a ten gallon hat

Peggy-sue hooked him
asked for a dance
eyes fixed upon her
as though in a trance

Thinking of love
her bluejeans so tight
hips smooth and curvy
swayed in the night

She looked so invitin
was any man's choice
the cowboy embraced her
holding her close

The Tennessee Waltz
a soft, gentle tune
had them both dancin
all over the room

Without any warning
her cowboy arrived
a holster on hip
red glare in his eyes

Two shots were fired
both fell to the floor
Peggy-sue gasped
was breathing no more

Now in the Old Barn
all silhouettes stilled
fiddlers have silenced
since Peggy was killed

Cowboys all gather
their stories unfold
behind the barn walls
are footsteps unknown

Soft music still lingers
in the old barn, plays on
a haunting laugh merges
from nightfall 'til dawn

A cowboy's dreams
so 'oft times a gamble
mistakes made by one
can leave life in shambles

A fire broke out
'n blackened the sky
everyone watched
surprise in their eyes

Mysterious happenings
while hot embers burned
Peggy's partner fell dead
had she returned?

İRose Marie Streeter
(All rights reserved)




Music: "Mama Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys "

Sequenced By: Jack Hall
Used With Permission

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