~ An Hour With You~

What unkind words have you spoken?
Or unkind deeds you may do.
Would you like the same things?
Said or done to you?

Be careful what you say,
Be careful what you do.
For many times your words and deeds,
Will all come back to you.

Gossip is like a pillow,
Torn open in the wind.
The feathers will be blown away,
And never collected again.

So before you start to judge another,
Take thought of your own sin,
For guilt in your heart,
May be where gossip began.

There is a saying,
That misery loves company,
And I think itís probably true.
For if youíre so unhappy,
Youíll want others joining you.

So keep your thoughts of neighbors,
And those you call your friends,
Busy thinking good thoughts,
So your life will happily end.

Faye Reyenga © 5 / 8 / 2007


Music: "He"

Used With Permission

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