~ An Hour With You~

Special notes from family
old photo's turning gray
some poetry, love letters
scripts, from acting days

Ticket stubs from movies
concerts, parks, events
overflowing albums
of each vacation spent

A cub scout shirt, kids drawings
gymnastics suit and books
grandson's pair of slippers
all tucked in attic's nook

Birthstones of Mom's children
set in golden band
posters, special pictures
siblings, holding hands

Locks of hair, a tee shirt
brother's favorite caps
shells picked by the seaside
white sand from Iraq

Knick knacks wrapped in tissue
all precious to my heart
scribbles on lined paper
anniversary, birthday cards

Roses pressed in Bible
diplomas, ribbons blue
music from the 50's
pair of baby shoes

Elvis 'n the Beatles
glossies still like new
newspapers of John Kennedy
Martin Luther, too

Almanacs and journals
history, its recourse
clippings of disasters
storms with raging force

Grandma's favorite pendant
an Uncle's World War tags
scrapbook made by daughter
an older American Flag

Days now gone remembered
of long past yesteryears
a part of me, eternal
with smiles or salty tears

An old trunk full of mem'ries
my keepsakes neatly stored
now looking back, reflecting
reliving each, once more

©Rose Marie Streeter
© 2007 Rose Marie Streeter
(All rights reserved)

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Music: "Memory"

Sequenced By: Jack Hall
Used With Permission

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