~An Hour With You~



Dutifully she smudges every inch,
of her treasured dancing regalia,
and then herself,
to cleanse all free from any impurities.

She steps into her moccasins,
an heirloom,
from her great-grandmother,
hand stitched carefully with love,
every tiny bead placed with perfection.

Within her hair,
feathers she gently arranges,
a gift from the winged ones,
handed down to her,
from her father.

Over her shoulders,
she drapes her most prized possession,
her shawl,
of which her own hands had made,
fashioned in the colours she had fasted for,
and received within a vision,
along with her spirit name,
Star Dancer.

She smoothes her dress,
free of any wrinkles,
wanting to look her very best,
for whom she will be dancing for.

She then waits in turn,
amongst the other shawl dancers.
yearning to enter into the Sacred Circle.

Within the center,
the eager waiting drummers,
begin to drum,
and their voices rise up with song.

Into the circle she ventures,
cleansed free from all impurities.
She feels the rhythm,
of the beating drum,
and she steps in time,
with every beat.

She twists and twirls,
as her shawls fringes sway and dance,
following her lead.

Her heart filled with love divine,
for whom she dances for,
The Creator.

She loses sight with those around her,
and it is only her,
and the drums beat
of which she is aware.

She dances with a happy heart,
and her spirit soars high,
like the eagle.

Joyously she dances,
around and around,
her rhythmical steps,
keeping time with the heartbeat of,
Earth Mother,
Sacred Drum.

©Elizabeth Ann Bushey





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