~An Hour With You~

From the day of her birth
Everyone remarked, "What a beautiful baby!"
Her smile won everyone's heart
Her remarkable personality, all could see

She's grown now, a wonderful lady
So many have asked for her hand
But she has a bit of wander lust
And won't settle for just any ol' man

She has many close friends
Who urge her to marry
She's met so many wonderful men
But of them, she's been so wary

Her lips are the color of rubies,
Eyes of blue, her hair jet black
She's a woman with a mind of her own
She's leaving town and not coming back

She took a stagecoach
Her baggage and all
She headed down south
She wanted a cowboy that was tall

She saw him the minute
She stepped off the coach
People warned her right off
That man is a no good roach

She saw beyond his faults
Everyone said he had
He wined and dined her
With everyone saying, "He's bad."

She turned a deaf ear
He gave her things she'd never had
Then one day he up and left her
Which proved he really was a cad

Her grieving lasted a bit, then
She finally realized her mistakes
She packed up all her luggage
Even though her heart still ached

She was coming home for good
Back to where she was born
Nightly she cried herself to sleep
She felt so down right forlorn

She never got over him
He was her first and only real love
She felt God had sent him
Straight from heaven above

Her life is over now
A frail man stands at her grave
Tears streaming down his wrinkled face
For the love he never gave

A *Ruby Red* rose was in his hand
It matched those lips he had kissed
Such sorrow, you have never seen
He was realizing now, what he had missed

Delilah M. (Dede) Haas

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Music: "Gone With The Wind"
Sequenced By: David Larch
Used With Permission

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