~ An Hour With You~


*But whoever listens to me will have
security. He will be safe, with no
reason to be afraid.*
~Proverbs 1:33~
(Good News Bible)

We need to gather knowledge
Of God's wonderful *Word*
But first we must have
Reverence for our Lord.

Stay away from people who
Are evil and tempt you to do wrong
They may end up in hell and
Are trying to take you along

Always do good for others
Let your conscience be your guide
Hang onto loyalty and faithfulness
Then you can always say you tried

God will reward your faithfulness
Always keep this in your heart
Make Jesus first in your life
And you'll never be far apart

Honor our Heavenly Father always
Give Him the best of what you own
Your *wisdom* is reading your *Bible*
Don't replace it with your phone

Wisdom and insight are important
If you want an eternal home
If someone comes against you
Don't ever throw the first stone

Your education is your life
When evil comes close, pass it by
Wisdom will bring you honor
The Bible is wisdom, it does not lie

Keep God's Word in your heart
And you will never hang your head in shame
If you don't abide by God's Word
You're the only one to blame

God loves us, one and all
Treat your wisdom as a sister
And insight as your closest friend
I promise:
You will not regret it in the end

Delilah M. (Dede) Haas©


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Music: "The Face In My Dreams"

Original Lyrics and Music By Jerry Morris©
Composed and Performed By:: Jerry Morris
©Jerry Morris
From Jerry's Nashville CD
Used With Permission
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