~ An Hour With You~


Remember when,
For hours we had talked.
Planning out our futures,
Hand in hand together as we walked.

Remember when,
You said “Together forever we will be”
And you looked into my hazel eyes,
Asking “Will you marry me”

Remember when,
We wished the night would never end.
And that upon each other,
We vowed that we could always depend.

Remember when,
Wild daisies you would pick for me.
And how you leaned over and kissed me,
Beneath the old black cherry tree.

Remember when,
Our undying love we would profess.
And you’d gently brush my cheek,
With a loving soft tender caress.

Remember when,
The stars you would give me if you could.
And until the end of time,
Love each other we always would.

Remember when,
How happy we would be.
After spending our nights apart,
The moment I saw you and you saw me.

Remember when,
The sky always seemed the bluest of blue.
And how the sun always shone in our hearts,
When behind dark clouds it couldn’t peek through.

Remember when,
The last time I smiled when I was with you.
I didn’t know it then,
Another dream you would go off to pursue.

Remember when,
I guess think back I always will.
Of all the plans and dreams we made,
That we never did fulfill.

So many years have passed us by,
And yet every now and then.
I still wonder and I,
Remember When.

©Elizabeth Ann Bushey









Music: "Remember When"

Sequenced By: Jack Hall
Used With Permission

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