~ An Hour With You~

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With your hair dancing in the wind,
Into my life you came.
Intoxicating was your cologne,
And infatuated with you I became.

You ensnared me with your charm,
And your dark brown eyes.
Without wings my heart soared,
High like the sparrow flies.

You were my sunshine when it rained,
And my feelings for you grew.
With each new passing day,
Deeper in love I became with you.

No happier I could have been,
All my dreams were coming true.
A life so wonderful we would have,
Together me and you.

Everything was perfect,
Until the day I got your letter.
"It won't work out for us" you wrote,
"And you deserve so much better"

"It's hard for you to see right now,
And I know on this you can rely"
"In time you'll forget all about me,
I'm sorry,

The words that I had read,
I didn't want to believe.
Yet alone for lost love,
I was left to grieve.

Like torrent rain my teardrops fell,
And with me my heart cried along.
Forsaken and deserted,
To me no longer did you belong.

Scattered along in the wind,
Are your promises to me.
Left to drift aimlessly and endlessly,
For all of eternity.

Our song plays within my mind,
A tune now haunting and domineering.
Your softly spoken words,
"I love you" I keep hearing.

The days slowly pass me by,
Like your love had done for me.
This wasn't the way,
How I dreamed it would ever be.

I built a wall around myself,
Careful not to let anyone in.
Remembering our love,
Holding back the tears deep within.

Thinking of my dreams and you,
My heart is torn apart.
Even when I wear a smile,
It's still,
Raining In My Heart.

©Elizabeth Ann Bushey

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The scenery picture is courtesy of Foto.Com.
Woman tube is courtesy of Kandyz PSP Tubes

The rain effect code and instruction at Dynamic Drive.

Music: "Hello"

Sequenced By: Jack Hall
Used With Permission

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