~ An Hour With You~


Grandpa can you play a song,
So I can dance again for you,
I know you like to see me dance,
And Oh, I love it so much too.

As I dance to the tune you play,
Please tell me 'bout the times,
When you were growing up,
When you were in your prime.

Grandpa you say you are old,
But you are young at heart I know,
And your age my dear Grandpa,
You most certainly do not show.

You can play a fiddle better than most,
And a squeeze box you make talk,
And when you play for me Grandpa,
These feet just refuse to balk.

As I twirl around and around,
I look at you real close,
You seem so happy here,
We both enjoy the repose.

Grandpa you have taught me,
Ever so many things,
And when I am grown up,
Sweet memories they'll bring.

I will call back the cherished times,
When we both quietly slipped away,
To play and dance for a little while,
We put our talents on display.

I love you Grandpa, always will,
You mean so much to me,
Even though we may be apart,
Deep in my heart you'll be.

Play it again Grandpa!

Gayle Davisİ
14 May 2007











Top Image is from a tutorial by Sarah

Music: "Grandpa"

Sequenced By : Frank (Grandpa) Schober
Used With Permission

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