~ An Hour With You~

Thinking of that summer
filled with fantasy
nights of wondrous magic
'n blissful ecstasy

Holding hands while talking
sharing hearts and mind
fate brought us together
I was yours, you mine

Basking in the romance
remembered ev'ry June
whispers 'pon my pillow
spoken soft and true

Bodies melded smoothly
sharing kisses sweet
relishing each moment
bathing in love's heat

Beads of sweaty passion
gave off a lustrous glow
you took me to the limits
'n places of unknown

Knew just how to please me
with touch of fingertips
caressing all my senses
with your moistened lips

Erupting like volcanoes
reaching newer heights
finding destinations
lead by starry nights

We'd cuddle by the seaside
waves settled in our prints
we captured love completely
our hearts were so in sync

A sultry breeze awoke me
warm thoughts began to play
reflecting on the passion
our midnight serenades

All is but a memory
can never be replaced
'oft times in the moment
tears trickle down my face

I think of you each summer
kissed by a gentle breeze
'hind my lids you tiptoe
come waltzing in reprieve

Yes, special was our romance
bloomed like a perfect rose
holding tight the memory
will keep you ever close

Perchance you too have mem'ries
that slip back now and then
may loving thoughts embrace you
from those days back when

İRose Marie Streeter
(All rights reserved)

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Music: "Once Upon A Time"

Sequenced By: Jack Hall
Used With Permission

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