~ An Hour With You~


Beating softly like the drum,
the heartbeat of Earth Mother,
your heart was.
Ever so gently,
I cradled you within my arms,
and I felt the warmth,
of your breath upon my skin.

With thankfulness I looked at you,
a brand new life so perfect,
unflawed and innocent of heart,
so tiny, soft and precious.
In a different light I saw the day,
and you brightened,
the darkest of nights.

Joy you brought to my heart,
and I knew for all eternity,
I would love you.
With you everyday spent,
brought new promise and new blessings.

With each passing of Grandmother Moon,
and the rising of Grandfather Sun,
I watched you grow,
sprouting like the sycamore,
trying to reach and touch Father Sky.

I saw within your laughing eyes,
as you,
like Brother Deer ran free,
through lush grassy green meadows.

Like a playful song from the meadowlark,
your laughter drifted upon the wind.
Strong you became,
never bending like the great oak,
from the trials and tribulations,
of which has made you who you are.

In your eyes unconditional love I see,
when you look now,
upon the face of your own children.
No greater gift could you have given,
and shared with me,
then this scared part of you.

Treasured they will always be,
by you, me,
and The Creator,
the giver of all life.
Forever now they are a part of us,
and continue on,
they will,
Our Never Ending Circle

©Elizabeth Ann Bushey

Dedicated To My Children
So Precious You Are
With Love Always



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