~ An Hour With You~



When we go through the test and we’ve given our best
And yet there is anguish and pain
We mustn’t despair for our Savior is there
He brings (Hope) that is simple and plain

When we’ve given our all and we’ve answered the call
And have sacrificed, served and obeyed
There still are those times we are pressed to the wall
(Hope) rushes, to come to our aid

God’s still on the throne, He remembers His own
You’re His child and He cares for you
Like Job in his trial, it persisted awhile
But his Faith and his (Hope) brought him through

You can’t trust your feelings when things fly apart
But your Faith, (Hope) And Love will endure
And Jesus will quench every doubtful dart
For in Him you are safe and secure

God has a purpose and plan in His mind
Though at times we may not understand
But as we seek Jesus, we truly will find
Strong (Hope) that is gracious and grand

Listen to God as He speaks to your heart
Relax in His gentle embrace
His Love and His Joy and His Peace He’ll impart
Along with His (Hope) and His Grace

Hold on to your (Hope), it’s eternal my friend
Reach out when the going gets rough
He’s Alpha, Omega, Beginning And End
Our First And Last (Hope) Is Enough !!!

© Jim Lake














Music: "I Have Comfort In My Lord"
Sequenced By: Margaret Cox
Used With Permission
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