~ An Hour With You~



A beautiful sunshiny day casts,
Its mental imagery,
Taking me back to when we first met,
And one more sweet memory.

And I know we had a lasting love,
For always through many years,
Life and love romantic school dances,
Beautiful times with some tears.

I remember how you walked by me,
In the hallway that first day,
I didnít know you but knew of you,
You and your Romeo way.

At that time I never would have thought,
Youíd be interested in me,
And yet you walked by so many times,
Looking back casually.

Finally you strolled back one more time,
With a hello pleasantry,
Smiling dreamy as those dimples stirred,
In one more sweet memory.

All the girls told me not to go out,
With you that you were too wild,
I was too unsophisticated,
Really like a naive child.

I guess I was in comparison,
For you had experience,
Which didnít matter we fell in love,
That day without resistance.

And the most wonderful memory,
Was our very own first kiss,
When I saw fireworks flashing all round,
With my eyes closed in fixed bliss.

These are moments of love to recall,
Remembering you and me,
How we met that one day in high school,
Love's one more sweet memory.

©Sondra McPherson
09 March 2007

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Music: "Unchained Melody"

Courtesy Of Adventure Land Travel
Used With Permission

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