~ An Hour With You~


 He was born in a cold dark manger
In the sky there appeared a bright light
No one really knew what it was there for
And stood in awe by the sight

Then the angels appeared and they told them
He was the Son of God and why He was there
To take the world from the depths of darkness
And His believers would never have to despair

As He grew He knew all His options
And He could have turned
And walked away from the pain
Instead His crying mother
Knelt before Him as He died
For us on the cross in the rain

I believe that God isn't a man or a woman
An even though we all have different faiths
We all still look to the sky and pray
And together we'll walk in the truth someday

My Savior's name is Jesus
And He died for me on the cross in the rain
And I look forward to the day when
He returns to us once again
There'll be no wars I know then
The trumpets will sound loud for Him
We'll see Him I know again

Lyrics and Music© Jerry Morris

Music: "On The Cross In The Rain"

Music and Lyrics By: Jerry Morris
©Jerry Morris
Used With Permission
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