~ An Hour With You~


The young boy traded Mama's adoration and warm hugs,
For a life on the street "dealin' drugs."
Although he was still livin' at home,
When darkness fell he began to roam.

He quickly learned the narcotics trade's tricks,
And easily found poor souls who "needed a fix."
You see, it seemed the money from Mama's two jobs,
Was barely enough,
To buy just what we would call the necessary stuff.

Although in Mama's home there was plenty of love,
Luxuries were definitely unheard of.
Life had been cruel to the little lad.
At the age of ten he lost his Dad.

Now at the age of thirteen,
He has the reputation of being dangerous and mean.
Prior to dealin' drugs he watched some guys his age,
Who looked like they just "Stepped out of a fashion page!"

Some were ridin' around in long white limousines,
Like he had only seen on the movie screens!
Soon the news had reached his ears,
That he could make some easy money like his peers!

His curiosity increased the more he looked!
Then, the temptation was so great soon he was hooked.
On his new job he made lots of money every night!
So, he said to himself, "I'm doin' all right!

But, one "slow" evening he decided to have some fun,
Playin' Russian roulette with a friend's gun.
As the gun clicked, he kept it close to his head!
But, one chamber was full and soon he lay dead!

When Mama heard what he had done,
She rushed to the side of her eldest son.
At his funeral the young boy looked so serene,
That nobody would have guessed he had been so mean.

Standing in front of the congregation looking so forlorn,
The preacher said, "I've known this boy,"
"Since the day he was born."

"And growin' up, as a rule,"
"He always came to Sunday School!"
"He is ours, this prodigal son."
"Here lies an example of what dope has done."

Friend, this is not an isolated incident!
For in this world of sin,
It will happen time and time again!
For in homes and on the streets of our blessed land,
Drugs and violence are ""gettin' an upper hand."

In order to curtail this happening every day,
We the people must fall on our knees and pray!
Then, our God will hear our humble prayers and understand,
And will be moved to heal our land!

Robert F. Dotson 2007








Music: "The Lord Is Faithful"

Words and music by Jerry D. Hamblen.
Hamblen & Hamblen Music 2001
Used With Permission

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