~ An Hour With You~



Mother was a rare pearl
Even as a little girl
Who was the apple of her father's eye.
She was a rare jewel precious as a pearl.

Mother's beauty was complete
From an inner glow radiating to all she would meet,
Quiet and unassuming like the soft translucent pearl.
Her soft beauty of face
Follow by kindness and quiet grace.

Like the pearl which the oyster formed
From the irritation of sand, just a grain
Mother had her share of pain
But by the grace of God's love within
Her strength and beauty formed.

Pearls of wisdom gained through the years
Of joys and tears
She passed along to those she knew
To help them love and grow strong and true
Following pearls of wisdom she shared.

With a song in her heart
She was happy and full of joy as each day began to start
And with patience and love all the while
She did her work with a smile
Making a happy home for her husband and child.

Mother was truly a pearl of great price
For she was precious in God's sight
And all who touched her life,
Always humble and loving
With hope of eternal life.

I gave her a string of pearls,
Luminous shimmers of pearly white,
To wear around her neck
For beauty through and through was she
As she lived and great love gave to me.

©Jane Ward Smith
April 15, 2005



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Photo Courtesy of Beverly Lu Latter
Webset ©Majestic Websets

Music: "I Remember"

Composed By: Matthew J. Drollinger
© Matthew J. Drollinger
Used With Permission

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