~ An Hour With You~

There is none like You O Sweet Jesus,
Loving and gracious are You,
Filling with life everlastingly,
Your Blessedness brings us through.

The Lordís wonders will always astound,
As true miracles happen,
For the Lord still heals for life on Earth,
And in a twinkling Heaven.

And I believe in His miracles,
Jesus is so very close,
His loving touch is more than precious,
And fragrant as the red rose.

I always know His Presence visits,
Living His warmth right away,
I love Him because He loves me so,
I know Heís healing today.

He said keep Him close forever more,
And follow Him more nearly,
He may lead you to pray for someone,
His miracles work dearly.

His blessings come into existence,
And a new life is begun,
Restoration is done where wounds were,
With miracles by the Son.

How I Praise Jesus for His Sweet Love,
And healings Divine thus done,
For many lingering near death's door,
Live miracles by the Son.

His miracles reach way out beyond,
Flowing virtue revealing,
He heals preciously meeting all needs,
In showers of healing.

He who believes receives His Touches,
His awe inspiring power,
To restore altogether with new,
Needed that same said hour.

Perfect and finished are the wonders,
For the one who loves Jesus,
Tears well in my eyes with Praise seeing,
Miracles by the Son bless.

©Sondra McPherson
07 April 07


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Music: "There Is None Like You"
Sequenced By: Robert Jones
Used With Permission

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