~ An Hour With You~


Carousels, excitement
footsteps in the sand
rainy days 'n rainbows
walking, hand in hand

Midnight strolls 'n chatter
giggles in our tea
storytime 'n sharing
days of you and me

Dancing with own shadows
laughing, having fun
playing pranks 'n joking
baking, 'neath the sun

Fireflies at nightfall
casting off a glow
sitting by the fire
igloos in the snow

Twinkling stars 'n wishes
running thru the fields
picnics on the common
games of hide 'n seek

Chocolate flavored ice-cream
rolling down our chins
building dreams of 'morrows
with cotton candy grins

Butterflies aflutter
captured in a net
football games 'n popcorn
making silly bets

Soothing lonely heartache
when life became unkind
growing old together
always, side by side

Days of yore remembered
mindscapes paved with gold
forgotten days resurface
deep within my soul

A calm below the surface
when things have gone awry
within my core, I'm certain
to see you bye 'n bye

My heart goes pitter patter
whene'er I hear your name
but yet it feels a sadness
weeps in sad refrain

Wiping 'way the teardrops
still gazing at the sky
I hear my name, a whisper
'hush now, close your eyes'

Floating on the puffy clouds
we laugh 'n dance 'n sing
as precious memories tiptoe
just behind my lids

Rose Marie Streeter

Music: "Without You"

Sequenced By: Jack Hall
Used With Permission

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