~ An Hour With You~

Memories Of A Friend
(In Memory of Luther (Brother Red) Henson)

My life has been touched by a precious man,
Who had snowy white hair and callused hands.
His name was Luther. We called him Brother Red.
I'll never forget some of the things he said!

Plain and simple was the way he dressed.
Plain and simple gospel was what he loved best!
He'd talk about fishing and hunting and such.
But, when you mentioned Jesus,
those things didn't matter much!

This way is close; he'd say with that look in his eyes,
A whole lot closer than we may realize!
We can make it Brother, to me he would say,
When storms were brewing; and my skies were gray.

One day at a time" was his favorite phrase,
As he lifted Holy hands to Heaven with praise!
"It's good on the creek bank," he would shout,
As he kicked up his leg and danced about!

I feel so clean, he would exclaim,
As he praised the Lord and blessed God's name!
He loved Sister Effie! It was plain to see!
He'd say, I'm certain the Lord gave her to me!

He loved his family! They were his pride and joy!
He would say quite often, Pray for my boys.
When Church was over and we parted each time,
I'd hug his neck and he'd hug mine!

Father, bless us as we part, we'd always say!
So be it dear Jesus 'til Resurrection Day!
Don't weep for me, I know he would say!
We'll meet again on that glad day!

As pilgrims and strangers we travel below!
Friends may come and friends may go!
A true blue friend is hard to find.
I believe Brother Red was one of a kind!

Robert F. Dotson © 2003


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Music: "Let the Light of Your Face"

Words by Larry A. Hamblen;
Music by Jerry D. Hamblen.
Hamblen & Hamblen Music© 1998
Used With Permission

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