~ An Hour With You~

Scattered through my day
Are many meant to-s that come into play...

There were words I meant to say
To lift the spirit of someone depressed and sad
And the words I meant to say
Would have made them glad.

There were deeds left undone
Which would have lifted the load
Of someone weary and tired.
Had I done what I meant to do
Their load would have been made light
And time would have been left
To pass a helping hand to another
Overwhelmed with more than they could do.

I meant to share with someone in need
The abundance of blessings given to me
But sad to say I failed because of greed
Thinking I might need it for myself
So I clinched my hand holding on tight
Keeping all I had giving them no heed.

Many times I felt compassion
And meant to spend time with those alone
Needing a friend to show they care.
Coming to visit and pull up a chair
The cry of their lonely heart to hear
Taking time to share.
I got so busy with things to do I forgot my intent
And found my time was spent.

So little time it takes to make a call
And I really meant to for sure
But the chores of the day so necessary to do
Took priority of my time you see
And none was left to place a call to you.

My family is precious to me
And there is nothing I wouldn't do
To show how much I love and care
Spending time with them having fun
But swiftly the time flew and I was surprised to see
How fast the children have grown
And left to live lives on their own...
My meant to-s passed and are gone.

Dear God, I really meant to spend some time in prayer
But life got so hectic and before I knew it
It is time for bed
And I just lay down my head
Whispering a word or two.
Please forgive me Lord,
Tomorrow I will spend more time with You.

Much better it would be
To see what is important each day
And follow through on what you meant to do
Not letting anything get in the way.
You will then find blessings
And happiness coming to you.

©Jane Ward Smith
April 26, 2007

©Ruth Sanderson, Artist
Webset Design ©Majestic Websets

"What A Difference A Day Made"

Used With Permission

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