~ An Hour With You~





The sun begins to slowly rise,
Sparkling dew kisses the morn.
The sun hovers over tree tops,
And golden halos they adorn.

Filled with wonder and surprise,
Comes forth a bright new day.
The sun glows gloriously,
For night has faded away.

It's heart within its song,
A tiny sparrow sings joyfully.
Morning glories upon their vines,
Open loyal and faithfully.

Good morning greetings drift,
In the soft warm summer's breeze.
Sweet is the scent of lilac,
From the lavender dressed trees.

The brook clear and glistening,
Lightly babbles as it flows.
A mallard swims contently,
Ripples follow wherever he goes.

The sun slowly lowers,
For night it does prepare.
The end of another day,
So proudly it does declare.

The darkness silently falls,
And engulfs the light.
Frogs upon lily pads,
Bid one another goodnight.

The moon makes its appearance,
Dressed in elegant attire.
Replacing twilight's sun,
Rising higher and higher.

Softly and soothingly,
The brook plays lullabies
Sparrow seeks a resting place,
And off he flies.

Lively the wind has turned,
The trees begin to sway.
Fireflies aglow,
As if to find their way.

A sprinkle of twinkling stars,
Scattered high in the sky above.
While dreamers dream their dreams,
Of happiness and love.

Soft as baby's breath,
The day has kissed the night.
Shooting stars over head,
Filling one's heart with delight.

Shimmering silver waters,
Beneath the light of the moon.
Winds of endless time,
May Into June

©Elizabeth Ann Bushey





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Music: "Colors Of The Wind"

Sequenced By: Jack Hall
Used With Permission

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