~ An Hour With You~

Mama really needed several sets of hands and eyes
To guide and care for her children all day
She did more than her best to keep up
But there was always work left for another day

"The faster we go the be-hinder we get"
That's what Mama used to say
She had eight of us tagging her around
One of us always seemed to be in the way

She scrubbed clothes on the wash board
Her poor knuckles were bruised and bleeding
She never had time to sit and enjoy herself
Just for listening to music or reading

She worked from sun up till after sun down
Fixing meals, ironing and scrubbing the floors
We didn't have any luxuries at our home
Many called us *dirt poor*

Dad loved Mama with all his heart
At least it seemed that way to us
He'd bring home an occasional treat
And we'd wonder, why all the fuss

She'd be so excited, it was like a reward
For doing the laundry and mating our socks
It was chocolate covered cherries
At forty-nine cents a box

I remember her sharing them with us
We each got one, what a nice treat
That little taste of chocolate
Sure beat the taste of any meat

The chores mom did had no end
But she never did complain much
She did what God gave her to do
And she did it with a loving touch

I miss you Mama with all my heart
I think of you often and the tears flow
I can't wait to see your angel wings
When to heaven, I get to go

Delilah M. (Dede) Haasİ


Midi playing "Mom And Dad Waltz"

Used With Permission

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