~ An Hour With You~

I came across an old photograph,
You and me
We had some pretty good times,
Wouldn't you agree?

I don't know if you remember,
When you were a wee little girl.
You'd ask me to play for you,
And you'd dance around and twirl.

With a smile upon your face,
Your eyes sparkling so bright.
As I watched you dance,
You beamed,
With an inner light.

So happy you were back then,
And to me you'd always say.
Please grandpa please,
For me,
Would you play?

The accordion or fiddle,
I would gladly play for you.
As you danced across the floor,
It seemed as if you flew.

As your curls bounced,
Round and round you'd go.
When the dance was over,
You'd curtsey just so.

Effortlessly twirling,
You were young and carefree.
In your dainty bare little feet,
You would dance for me.

Together we'd dance,
With you,
Balancing upon my toes.
All dolled up,
In your fancy Sunday clothes.

And always in your hair,
You wore ribbons or a bow.
Memories come flooding back,
Of a time so long ago.

Being careful as we danced,
Not a step would we miss.
The days of old how I do,
Love to reminisce.

My once wee little girl,
Into a fine young lady you grew.
There's something that I would like,
To ask of you.

As we sit here together,
To an old time melody.
Would you do a grandpa proud,
And have this dance with me.

It sure would make me happy,
Just like the old days it would be.
If you would do me the honour,
And please dance with me.

Grandpa I asked you to play,
Because I knew you loved it so.
As I watched you play,
Your face with happiness would glow.

Those days were special to me,
How could I ever forget?
We had some pretty good times,
You bet.

You're still that big old softie,
I'll always be your wee little girl.
And I promise not to step on your toes,
Come on,
Let's Give It A Whirl.

İElizabeth Ann Bushey










Top Image is from a tutorial by Sarah

Music: "Tennessee Waltz"

Sequenced By: Dick Anderson
Used With Permission

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