~ An Hour With You~


Under the Mosaic Law the High Priest could only appear,
Behind the veil of the temple once a year,
In an attempt Israel's sins to atone!

But, what would seem to be a flaw,
In that part of the Law,
Was that he must sacrifice for sins of his own.

So, a Permanent Sacrifice must be found,
For man, who God formed from the ground,
This Sacrifice must be Holy and pure!

Therefore, our Heavenly Father above,
Gave His only begotten Son in love,
A Love that shall evermore endure!

The blood of animals could never suffice,
To be the needed sacrifice!
At best, it was just a covering for sin.

But, when Calvary's Lamb was slain,
The veil of the temple was rent in twain,
Now, through Jesus Christ we all may enter in!

When to the cross Jesus came,
And though "despising the shame,"
He remained God's dutiful Son!

Jesus never gave up,
And as He drank death's bitter cup,
He said, "Father, not My will but Thine be done!"

Friend, today the gospel call,
Goes out to one and all,
No matter how sinful or depraved!

Salvation is not just for some!
Whosoever will may come,
For God's desire is that all will be saved!

Robert F. Dotson 2007

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Music: "He Did This For You"
Grace Street Music
Words And Music By: Bill Warg
Used with permission


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