~ An Hour With You~

It Seems I Hear Them Callin'

It seems I hear them callin' me,
Those precious saints of yore!
And lately their voices are clearer,
As I draw nearer to Heaven's shore!

Friend, when I get discouraged,
As we humans sometimes do,
It seems I can hear them say,
"We made it and so can you!"

"Just put your trust in Jesus!"
"On Him you can depend!"
"He'll always stay close beside you,"
"And be your dearest Friend!"

It seems I hear them callin' me,
As my steps are gettin' slow,
And I stumble as I wonder,
How much farther I must go!

But, then I remember,
They had no "flowery bed of ease,"
As they tried their very best,
The Master to please!

They trod this road of life,
Often struggling beneath a load.
But, now they're up in Heaven,
Reaping the seeds they sowed!

It seems I hear them callin' me,
And my heart within me yearns,
As I catch a glimpse of heaven,
When Life's road before me turns!

Ah, I'm gettin' so much closer,
Than I've ever been before,
And soon, Oh so soon,
I'll embark on Heaven's shore!

When my journey here is ended,
I shall reach my final goal,
Heaven, "Land of Beulah,"
And "Sweet Homeland of the Soul!"

It seems I hear them callin' me!
Oh, how I miss them so!
But, soon "in the twinkling of an eye" I may go!
Or if my lot is to cross old Jordan's stormy tide,
I'll find my friends who've been callin' me,
Waiting on the other side!

Robert F. Dotson © 2007

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Music: "Standing on Mount Zion"

Words by Larry A. Hamblen;
Music by Jerry D. Hamblen.
Hamblen & Hamblen Music© 1998
Used With Permission

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