~ An Hour With You~

Many times Jesus spoke of His death,
And His resurrection too,
“I will suffer many things and die,”
“I will rise again for you.”

And that day came when the King of Jews,
Jesus Christ was crucified,
Upon the Cross to save all of us,
Our Lord the Son of God died.

The veil of the Temple tore in two,
When He yielded His Spirit,
It was the darkest day in the world,
And the earth quaked and rocks split.

Many feared greatly believing now,
This was a good man God’s Son,
Yet some still mocked continually,
Others walked by just to shun.

The most gentle man who ever lived,
Crucified between two thieves,
Rendering forgiveness on the Cross,
For anyone who believes.

Joseph and friends took down His body,
Wrapping it in linens fine,
Nicodemus brought precious spices,
To bury Jesus in kind.

Burying Him in Joseph's own tomb,
A cave dug out of the rock,
In a garden very near the Cross,
With a great stone rolled to block.

Some Pharisees gathered with Pilate,
Remembering Jesus said,
“After three days I will rise again,”
Fearing He’d rise from the dead.

So they sealed the stone and set the guards,
To prove Jesus’ words untrue,
To declare Him the one who deceived,
For if true hope would ensue.

Mary Magdalene and a Mary,
Went to the tomb on Sunday,
Not knowing an earthquake had occurred,
Angels rolled that stone away.

Jesus body was gone from the tomb,
One angel said, “Do not fear,”
“You seek Jesus who was crucified,”
“He’s risen, He is not here.”

It was the brightest day in the world,
"I will rise again" was clear,
He’s risen from the dead as He said,
Our Easter Sunday each year.

©Sondra McPherson
15 March 2007


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