Times get hectic with lots to do
And a sense of frustration for you
Because people press for more and more
Of your time for them
Asking if not now, when?
Then say, I will wait on you.

My heart is troubled and in pain
For a loved one is estranged.
Many times I have tried to arrange
To make things right again
But my efforts were of no avail
So, Lord, I'll wait on You
To touch his heart
So we can make a new start.

When my child dawdles and lags behind
I understand and am kind
For they are learning what to do
And take longer for a task.
So, when they wonder at the rush
I say, I'll wait on you.

When I have a need
That seems my due
I pray the Lord to hear my cry
But realize He will supply
All I need in His time
So patient I must be
Saying, Lord, I'll wait on You.

Burdened for souls of the lost
I know Jesus paid the cost
Of the debt of sin.
I sow seeds of God's salvation plan
Longing for the Savior to take them in
But for the harvest it is true
God, I must wait on You.

We travel life's journey together
Through sunny times and stormy weather
Until we come to our journey's end.
When God takes me home
I must leave you, my friend
And long for you to come, too;
But, don't worry for I'll wait on you.

©Jane Ward Smith
June 19, 2007


This original design features digital photography by
Luvdalot Graphics & Design
© June 6, 2006
All Rights Reserved

© 2006 Luvdalot Graphics & Design

Music: "Abide With Me"
Diversi-Tune™ Midi Files
Sequenced By: Bill Basham
Used With Permission


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