See the tears flowing from my eyes,
Feel the hurt within my very soul,
You are the answer to all my sorrows,
With You my Lord, I'll be made whole.

Pain and turmoil surround me,
They are my companions each day,
Longing for a better existence,
I am here Lord, please lead my way.

I struggle daily along the pathway,
Seeking the prints You left behind,
Blinded by my tears blessed Savior,
'Tis hard for this body ravaged by time.

Oh Lord I long for Your Kingdom,
Your are the One that I love,
I wish to be with You forever,
In that Mansion built above.

I strive to be nearer each day,
Praying Jesus for You to lead me on,
Like a star anchored in the sky,
Closer ever closer to my new home.

Your love draws me nearer,
I feel Your presence next to me,
Oh dear Father I beseech Thee,
Take me home where I'll be free.

Winging my way toward the heavens,
Light as a gentle summer's breeze,
Lifted from my earthly bondage,
No longer hampered by disease.

You have released me from my shackles,
I am free, Oh my loving Jesus I am free,
Slowly I enter the golden gates,
I’ll dwell in Thy Kingdom for an eternity.

Gayle Davis©
26 June 2007



















Animated star and background is from Star Space Galaxy backgrounds

Top image is the art work of Cebarre©

Music: "How Great Thou Art"

Performed By Wanda Fischer
Used With Permission
Please Go and Buy her Music

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