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To the young so innocent,
How do we explain,
For all the needless and senseless,
Heartache and pain.

How do we explain,
That many people died today.
So violently their lives were taken,
Now for their families we can only pray.

How do we explain,
That someoneís child is forever gone.
And as if nothing happened,
The sun will rise and life will carry on.

How do we explain,
Their mentor is no longer here.
Someone they looked up to,
And who was very dear.

How do we e
As the world mourns in grief.
Why do tragedies happen,
Leaving us in shock and disbelief.

How do we explain,
The ache and hurt we feel inside.
When we reach a place,
Where impossibility and reality collide.

How do we explain,
The solemn tears that we cry.
And that we donít always get the chance,
To say our last goodbye.

How do we explain,
And tell them there is nothing to fear.
When we canít protect and keep them safe,
From all the evil that we hear.

How do we explain,
The real indisputable truth.
That sickness can overtake the mind,
Of our ill and troubled youth

How do we explain,
The feeling of desperation.
When youíre lost along lifeís path,
Filled with so much anger and frustration.

How do we explain,
The sadness within our hearts.
That we feel for a loved one,
Who much too soon departs.

How do we explain,
The sad realization.
Of the capability of destruction,
Done without hesitation.

For all the needless, and senseless,
Heartache and pain.
To the young so innocent,
How Do We Explain?

©Elizabeth Ann Bushey

By one lone gunman
Tragically 32 lives were
Taken at Virginia Tech
In Blacksburg Virginia U.S.A.
Ending with the gunman,
Turning the gun upon himself

This Poem Is Dedicated
To The Lost Lives
May They Rest In Peace

Sadly along with their families
The world grieves
And our hearts and prayers go out to them



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Music: "Imagine"
"Dolphin's Dream Quietude"
Midi Courtesy Of Dolphin's Dream
Used With Permission


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