~ An Hour With You~


We are a family of ten
Living out of our car
We sleep out in the desert
Just looking at God's stars

We did live in the northern states
But it was too cold there
Family would not help us
It seemed like they didn't care

We haven't eaten in days
Our water supply is low
We are trusting in our Lord
To show us the way to go

The children are hot and whiney
Not knowing what is going on
We were displaced a month ago
And all their belongings are gone

We know this is no way to live
But we're keeping our family together
God will be there for us
And tomorrow, things will be better

Maybe tomorrow, it will rain
We'd have a way to get clean
It would cool off, all of us
I wish this situation was only a dream

If it rains, maybe we'll see a rainbow
That is God's great sign of hope
With God to guide and lead us
I know our large family can cope

We know life has its rough days
With many ups and downs
I'd sure like to see my children smile
For days, all I have seen is frowns

Out here, we get no mail
We wonder, Is anyone thinking of us
Not a vehicle has passed in days
Not an airplane, train, car or bus

Thank God for our faith
We know we'll make it through
God will send an angel to help us
Even though, we know not who

Yes, If we can make it till tomorrow,
God will see us through to our destination!

Delilah M. (Dede) Haas



Music: " If I Can Make It Till Tomorrow"

By: Jerry Morris
ŠJerry Morris
Used With Permission
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