~ An Hour With You~

Tears come when I am sad
As well as when I am happy and glad.
They come for remorse when I have done wrong
And shame takes away my song.

Tears heal a heart broken by sin
And anger dwelling within
Releasing the guilt and pain
So I can feel joy again.

Disappointment brings tears to my eyes
When an opportunity is lost
For which I had high hope
And dreams I fail to realize.

Lost in the throes of grief
My heart seems to break.
Flowing tears brought relief
Like a healing balm to my heartache.

Frustrated in which way to go
With road blocks that slow
Progress along my chosen path
Tears blinded my eyes as my heart filled with wrath.

A harsh word spoken by someone not seeming to care
With criticism undeserved
Caused my eyes to well with tears
Flowing unchecked at hurt so unfair.

When precious love departs
Leaving a broken heart filled with pain
Tears brought healing to my heart
Which became whole again.

God gave tears of healing
For things that bring pain
And tears of joy and delight
For wonderful blessings making everything right.

©Jane Ward Smith
April 20, 2007












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Music: "Here to Comfort You"
By: Bruce Deboer
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Used with permission.
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