~ An Hour With You~

Out from behind darkened storm clouds,
Lightening streaks across the sky.
A young cowboy rides upon his horse,
And across the open range they fly.

Since he was a little boy,
He waited for this day to come.
For so long he had wished,
A real cowboy he would become.

Chasing his long horned cattle,
Like he had once chased his own dreams.
Over the forest hills,
And wading through mountain streams.

Riding the waves of the wind,
Loving the feeling of being so free.
Hustling his long horns across,
The untamed hills of Tennessee.

His lasso rope he tightly holds,
As he rides over rugged terrains.
The blood of a real true cowboy,
Freely pumping through his veins.

Wild and carefree,
Like his long horned steer.
Elated to be scampering,
Clear across the wild frontier.

Whether it be through thundering storms,
Or beneath a hot scorching sun.
It always seems that a cowboys work,
Never done.

Yet into the wind he rides,
Wanting it no other way.
For within the rolling hills,
He will rest forever one day.

Until that day does come,
Into the wind he'll ride.
Loving this way of life,
His heart, filled,
Happiness and Pride.

ŠElizabeth Ann Bushey

Sharing With You

Music: "Amarillo By Morning"

Sequenced By: Dick Anderson
Used With Permission

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