Is this one ready Grandpa?
How do you know when it's sweet?
Can we pick this big one Grandpa?
You think it is ready for us to eat?

I like the watermelons big and green,
My Grandpa grows the very best,
When it's hot in the summer time,
Grandpa's melons pass the tasting test.

We go down to the melon patch,
He lets us pick the biggest ones,
Puts them in the icebox for a while,
And we eat when the chillin' is done.

You ever pick a watermelon?
Or carry it across the melon patch?
Pile them in the old truck bed,
Knowing this is the very best batch?

Oh I loved to go to Grandpa's,
Where the fields were rich and green,
Filled with tomatoes, corn, peas and beans,
And the sweetest melons you've ever seen.

Hardy vines growing everywhere,
Twisting from one row to the other,
Sometimes you get tangled up and stumble,
Get laughed at by a sister or brother.

Sweet memories of the watermelon patch,
Taste buds salivate at the thought,
Though I purchase them from roadside stands,
It is not the same when they are bought.

To travel back in time to those days,
Pick a watermelon big and sweet,
To be that little girl once again,
A memory Iíll treasure and replete.

Gayle Davis©
26 June 2007










Music: "Magic Times"
Midis-Mickey Gentle
Laura's Midi Heaven
Sequenced By: Mickey Gentle
Used With Permission

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