~ An Hour With You~

Grandpa one day I'll be a farmer
This is my choice I fear
And when I go to the field each day,
I'll be driving my big green John Deere.

Grandpa I want to be like you,
When I get good and grown,
I can plant new fields of cotton,
I know how the seeds are sown.

Am I holding the light just right?
Grandpa, can you see what to do?
If I was a little bit bigger Grandpa,
I'd do all the mechanics for you.

Grandpa I like to hold your tools,
It makes me feel all grown and all,
But I think this wrench is a mite too big,
Cause my pants keep trying to fall.

I rehooked my gallus already,
But they are coming undone again,
To hold my jeans and the light proper,
Well it's gettin' to be quite a strain.

Now don't you laugh Grandpa,
Or I'll leave you to work all alone,
If the neighbors see my undies,
You know your helper will be long gone.

Grandpa, why do you need a grease rag?
Can't you do the same thing as me?
I wipe my dirty hands on my jeans,
But it makes Mommy mad as can be.

You know what Grandpa?
I am happy when I'm with you,
You have time for me always,
And I love Mama Nancy too.

She is a good cook ain't she Grandpa?
And she knows how to make us smile,
When we are tired from working real hard,
She tells us to rest for a while.

Reckon Mama Nancy could find,
Me and you something good to eat,
Grandpa, I'm gettin' sorta tired.
I'm 'bout ready to rest my feet.

I had fun helping you Grandpa,
I better mosey on toward home,
But you know how my Mommy is,
She don't like me in the dark alone.

I'll see you tomorrow Grandpa,
We will plow with this tractor then,
I see it is running real smooth now,
When it stops we'll fix it again.

Bye Grandpa and Mama Nancy!
I Love y'all

Gayle Davisİ
2 May 2007

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Music: "Sweet Gingerbread Man"
Free Midis
Lyrics by: Marilyn and Alan Bergmany
Music by: Michel LeGrand
Musician: Janis Wilson
Used With Permission