~ An Hour With You~


I turn to you not for myself,
But for someone I donít know.
I am saddened by the devastation,
Of what ill fate did bestow.

So many families have lost a loved one,
And I too feel their pain.
Silently my tears do fall,
Along with theirs like rain.

Father their hearts ache with sorrow,
Their burden too heavy to bare.
Give them the strength to carry on,
I come and ask of You in prayer.

Father show them your compassion,
For I know itís hard to understand.
When things donít go accordingly,
To the way that we may have planned.

Ease their heartache Father,
And take away their grief.
Console and grant them comfort,
So they may find relief.

Bestow to them the courage needed,
So they can face another day.
Soothe their anguish and give them peace,
As they struggle along their way.

I know if they trust in You,
And hold onto their faith and hope.
By their side Youíll always be,
To guide them and help them cope.

Send your angels Father,
To watch over the families I pray.
May they shed their Holy Light,
To chase the gloom and darkness away.

May the sweet memories,
Of happier days gone by.
Give them reason to smile again,
To replace the tears they cry.

Their loved ones are safely harbored,
Within Your arms of love.
Far beyond the clouds,
In the Heavens high above.

I know one day they will meet again,
And happy tears theyíll shed.
From this life into the next,
To a place so beautiful that lies ahead.

As they remember their dear loved ones,
Their heavy hearts do sigh.
I know itís never easy to say,
To a loved one,

©Elizabeth Ann Bushey

Dedicated To The Grieving Families
Who Lost A Loved One
In Blacksburg, Virginia U.S.A.
Virginia Tech



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Music: "Angel"

Sequenced By: Jack Hall
Used With Permission


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