~ An Hour With You~
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It was here under Father Sky little one,
where you came to be a part of Earth Mother.

In harmonious joy our feathered friends,
merrily sang to greet you.
Within the wind ancestors of eras past,
heard your first cry of life,
and the trees whispered of their happiness.
Their love surrounded you then,
as it does now and always will within the wind.
There is no shortage of love for you little one,
for it runs deeper then the deepest of seas,
and is endless like Father Sky

The rays of Grandfather Sun,
shall not only warm your flesh,
but your heart as well.
Grandmother Moon and the stars,
shall shed their light,
so that you may find your way,
through the darkness of night.

With your desire and dedication,
knowledge and wisdom will come.
Honour and respect you, yourself must earn.
Remember a brave's accomplishments,
are measured by the sweat upon his brow,
and his love,
by the tears of truth that he has cried.

Grow you will little one,
under the vastness of Father Sky.
You are the roots of future generations to come.
You will learn our way of life,
as did our own ancestors.
This is your destiny and heritage,
this is who you are.
You shall carry on our sacred traditions,
just as your own forefathers had proudly done.

In troubling times do seek The Creator,
for it is with His grace that you will find,
whatever it may be of which you search.
Housed within your soul,
is where you will find your true worth,
not only to your people but to The Creator.

©Elizabeth Ann Bushey



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Composed and Performed By Elan Michaels
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