~ An Hour With You~
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Please, Jesus, help my family.
We are in big trouble.
I know my parents love me,
I can't understand our life.
Please tell me why our family is different.
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My parents are rarely here.
They drink and do drugs.
When my parents are gone,
I have to parent the other children.
They are all younger than me.
Please help me, I am so very tired.
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When they are here, they argue.
And call one another bad names.
Please Jesus, tell me why this is happening.
I can't sleep at night cause mom and dad
scream and yell and throw things.
Why, Jesus, Why?
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I am so tired at school and I'm
Getting bad grades.
I can't tell the teacher about my family.
I don't think she'd understand.
Do You hear me, Jesus?
Do You understand?
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We wear dirty clothes to school
All the time and the other kids tease us.
I feel so bad all the time and I cry a lot.
Sometimes I hit the other kids at school.
Now they think I am a bad kid.
Please, Dear Jesus, Do You hear me?
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There is hardly ever any food to eat,
And we are hungry all the time.
I asked the neighbor lady for some food,
But she asks too many questions.
Please, Jesus, help us!
The other day we were so hungry,
I went to the store to steal some food.
The lady caught me!
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I was scared and I started to cry.
She put her arm around me and asked,
"Honey, what is wrong?"
It was the first time anyone ever
Treated me so nice.
I cried even harder as she held me close.
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I told her about my family and
How I thought about ending my life.
She told me all about You, Jesus.
I'm afraid, Jesus, and feel like
I want to just give up.
You are my last Hope.
The lady said I can count on You.
I don't ask for much, so won't You please,
Fix My Family!
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©Delilah M. (Dede) Haas

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Music: "Blessed Assurance"
Joyful Noise Music
Performed By: Joy Hardin
Used With Permission

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