~ An Hour With You~


It's five in the morning
And we're at it again
The arguing never stops
It seems like such a sin

I try to back away
You just keep going on
This is just too stressful
I'd just like to be gone

Your mental abuse can be rough
The kids see it, it is bad
I feel so sorry for our little guy
Tommy is just a six year old lad

He knows when you drink
It visible when you come through the door
He screams, "Daddy don't hit her."
'Please, Daddy, Please, No more"

Can't you see what this is doing
It's breaking our family apart
I've taken this abuse way too long
And it's really breaking my heart

I have to tell you today
I can't wait any longer
We're leaving you today
Our marriage no longer has anything to offer

Our child is an emotional wreck
He no longer excels in school
He is on medicine to help him sleep
He now has a rough time with rules

You refuse marriage counseling
You say you have no faults
It's too late now, I fear
The emotional abuse has to halt

If you quit drinking and feel
You still want us in your life
You'd still have something to look forward to
Your wonderful son and faithful wife

The ball is in your court now
We'll wait to hear from you
Our belongings are packed
We'll be out of here by two

I still love you John and I always have
I can't do this for you though
So when you hassle me to come back
The answer is strictly no

You need to recognize that you need help
I made up my mind when you beat me
It was the first and last time
You're losing control, don't you see

Life for Tommy and I will go on
He has to be my main concern
I've had all the responsibility
Now maybe, it's your turn

Our child is my main concern
I'll be okay, now that I am free
We wish you well always
Just wish it could be like it used to be

Delilah M. (Dede) Haasİ
5-3 2007

İDon Seegmiller, Artist
Webset Design İMajestic Websets

Music: "I Know Who Holds Tomorrow"

Performed By Wanda Fischer
Used With Permission
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