~ An Hour With You~


Within the rush of early morn,
Tiny wonder I watch you flutter.
Amongst fuchsia tinted blossoms,
Centers the colour of fresh churned butter.

Upon velvet petals dewdrops dazzle,
Like diamonds under a sun of gold.
Of such breathtaking beauty,
My attention you do seize and hold.

In ruby red your throat is embellished,
Upon your wings is emerald green.
In colours rich and vibrant,
The prettiest that Iíve ever seen.

Flapping your wings so fast they hum,
As you dart about here and there.
As if playing a game with the wind,
Catch me if you dare.

How could something so tiny and small,
Bewitchingly overwhelm me so.
With great pleasure and delight I watch you,
With no desire for you to ever go.

Graceful and dainty wonder,
So intriguing you are to me.
Not to scare you Iím extra quiet,
So out of my sight you will not flee.

Hovering amongst the fragrant posies,
In fascination I watch you.
As you nurse upon the cool refreshing,
Early Morning Dew.

©Elizabeth Ann Bushey








Music: "Easy"

Sequenced By: Jack Hall
Used With Permission

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