~ An Hour With You~





We are up and working,
At the first light of day,
Chores waiting to be done,
We work without delay.

The field of corn still glistened,
Under a covering of morning dew,
The wild flowers in their beds,
Seemed to say good morning to you.

We would shuck and shell the corn,
Saving each and every cob,
They make the perfect missile,
In the midst of battle to lob.

The chickens would come running,
As the bucket of corn we'd shake,
They knew breakfast was ready,
Time their portion of grain to partake.

Silly hens were always greedy,
Clucking and pecking each other,
The rooster strutted his position,
Thought he was better than another.

We stopped to smell the roses,
That over the trellis grew,
Bees gathered their nectar,
To make a sweet honeyed brew.

Sunflower heads big as dinner plates,
Standing tall and facing the sun,
Squirrels will have a mighty big feast,
When the flowers seeds are done.

Back to the house for breakfast,
Smoked ham smell greets you at the door,
Fresh made buttermilk biscuits,
Will taste good after doing our chores.

Red eye gravy and scrambled eggs,
A meal fit for a king,
Ribbon cane syrup and hominy grits,
Salivation it brings.

Gathered 'round the table,
Grace we all say,
We give thanks to the Lord,
For another day.

Tomorrow it starts again,
The chores we must do,
In the early morning sun,
And the wetness of the dew.

Gayle Davis©
07 April 2007















Music: "Churnin' Butter"

Original MIDI Files
Composed and Arranged
By: Ed Hargardine
Ed Hargardine©
Used With Permission

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