~ An Hour With You~

Artwork of Joyce Ann Birkenstock

Did you know, there are people
Who make Christians look real bad
‘Cause they claim to be Christians
But. . . Their actions are so sad

Yeah, they try to fool people
By quoting God’s word, aloud
Puffing up like Peacocks . . .
Looking self righteous and proud

Yet, when no one is looking
They do their "Dirty Deeds"
Drinking with the best of them
Or using someone, till he bleeds

They sneak ‘round back alleys
Hoping that you don’t see. . .
The Parlors that they frequent
Or the way they act, so free

They're quick to point a finger
I tell you, it’s no joke. . . .
Yet, I hear if you watch and linger
You'll see them do, a line of coke

I tell you this for a reason. . . .
For I think that you should know
They want to appear pleasin’
So your faith in them will grow

They are ruled by Satan. . . .
Using Jesus, as their guise
Foolin’ whoever they can
And I want to set you . .Wise

You really have to watch close
You’re allowed to check the fruit
Of those who say their Christians
Especially, those . . . with a horn to toot

For they are always quoting scripture
For this, that and the other. . .
Ready to accuse, like Satan
Faults, of their sister and brother

So, keep your eyes open. . . .
And your own doorstep clean
Set a ‘Good’ Christian example
If you know . . .What I mean.

Judith Johnson Kypta © 2007




Dreamwork DesignsJoyce Ann Birkenstock

Music: "Day In The Life Of A Fool"

Sequenced By: Jack Hall
Used With Permission

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