~ An Hour With You~


Within the depths of your heart you will see
A longing to be just what God wants you to be.
Until you put away worldly things
Your heart cannot sing
And you are not free to see
The person God wants you to be.

Circumstances have tried to shape you
Telling you what you cannot do
And making you doubt your heart
So you hesitate to even start
Fulfilling the dreams given birth in your soul
Longing to take wing and fly
When all you have to do is try.

Listen to your heart and see
That God longs for you to be free
And know that He made you just so
Able to take any path and go
Where He leads and achieve any goal
Aching to find release from your soul.

Look within the depths of your heart
And see God's outstretched hand
Beckoning you to follow Him and take a stand
For perfection of the plan
Laid out before you were born
Of the person God wants you to be.

Only when you are in tune with the desires
Hidden in the depths of your heart
And feel free to act upon these desires
Will peace be found and true life start.
You will then know
The way God wants you to go.

ŠJane Ward Smith
March 19, 2007




Music: "Be Still"
"Dolphin's Dream Quietude"
Midi Courtesy Of Dolphin's Dream
Used With Permission

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