~ An Hour With You~

Seeking brighter 'morrows
sunshine in my life
void of cloudy weather
free from pain 'n strife

I want to ride a carousel
'n dance the night away
laugh again, be happy
enjoy each brand new day

Paint skies in pastel colors
soar with butterflies
imagination leapfrogs
'if only I could fly'

I long to run in pastures
green grass tickling toes
'n swim in deep blue waters
where waves waltz into shore

I want to skip, play hopscotch
pretend I'm still a child
'n somehow find a calmness
if only for awhile

A stride to catch attention
each step in perfect sync
a wiggle stead of wobble
earning me a wink

I want to feel contentment
while gliding on a swing
feel life's kiss of pleasure
excitement once again

When evening shadows tiptoe
'n ballet through the trees
peaceful sounds of nature
whisper me to sleep

Behind my lids, in slumber
I feel alive, brand new
in dreams I live out fantasy
'til morning brings its gloom

Tomorrow holds no promise
'nor written guarantee
plaques me with uncertainty
'n so I dare to dream

I crave for something better
hope within my heart
'n wish I may, wish I might
'pon the brightest star

One day I'll run in pastures
'n swim the oceans blue
no longer just a fantasy
'stead, wishful dreams come true

Rose Marie Streeter



Music: "Sleepy Lagoon"

Sequenced By: Jack Hall
Used With Permission

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