~ An Hour With You~


Please Father forgive us.
We speak with Him, most every day,
When we turn to Him, just to pray,
Our hearts open, but our minds closed

Just in case God looks in,
And sees what we are thinking.
Because we are not always honest
We like to hide our thoughts.

We like to know, what does God look like,
An old man with a long white beard ?
Or a woman, with wings of Gold ?
He created the heavens and earth,

And He said ďThis is yours,
Take good care of it !
He gave us some rules
On how we should live

So man became independent
Found out how to make fire,
Learned how to grow crops
Invented the wheel, simple at first.

More complex later when
He discovered metal, bronze
That he also used for weapons.
Forgetting the command that said,

ďThou shall not killĒ
With these weapons he settled arguments,
That turned into wars,
That created destruction.

Then man found ways
To twist Godís 10 commandments
He used them to cover his crimes
Spreading hate, distrust by

Preaching to the innocent
The innocent, who knew God from the beginning
By many other names
Man also used Godís name

To strike down those , who
Were of a different fate.
And at the same time spreading
Sickness of body and mind

Through alcohol and sin.
And even today, Iím sorry to say
Man is destroying his home,
The planet that God gave him

To look after and cherish,
With bombs and pollution
He tears it apart, not thinking,
By doing so , he tears at Godís heart

Please Father forgive us
For we know not what we do
What we need is a Teacher,
To show the way back to You

Anthonie (Ton) Antheunisse








Music: "God On The Mountain"

Performed By:
Anthonie (Ton) Antheunisse©
Used With Permission