How does one cope in the world today,
And live with a nightmare of pain,
How can a human body,
Be scarred and never be the same?

How can you fight back the tears,
That comes from your heart and soul,
While you try to understand it all,
And not let it forever take control.

What happen to the caring in this life,
And compassion that once we had,
What happen to the understanding,
At times when things were bad?

I seek the answers but none are found,
As to why I suffered so long,
Day in day out itís always the same,
Can you tell me where I went wrong?

Is it normal to feel this way in life,
And you never get a break,
Is there anyone that understands,
How much more can my body take?

Is it wrong to want to feel good,
And just have a day to be free,
From all the pain and trials of life,
And dance in your heart with glee?

I donít have any answers in life anymore,
I am just tired and weary, you see,
From the pain that tears at my body,
Daily and constantly.

There has to be meaning left on earth,
There has to be answers around,
But no seems to ever notice,
That this world is crumbling down.

Dear Lord up above me,
Who lives in heaven above,
We once had a world of compassion,
But now thereís not even love.

Ann Hart©
May 2007

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