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Colors Of Easter

Easter is the most colorful season of the year
Full of color beautiful to the eye
As we celebrate the reason why,
The risen Savior, dear.

Purple to show Christ's royal birth
As the King's Son come to earth
Sent as atonement for sin.
Dying on the cross the debt was paid by Him.

Red was the color of His blood
Flowing bright from His side
Covering sin's stain
Forgiven by request so none remain.

White for the purity of our Lord
In whom no sin was found
Though His brow was scarred by the thorny crown
Placed in mockery of our Lord and King.

Yellow as a ray of hope
For redemption and eternal life
For, though He died and was buried in a borrowed grave,
He arose and showed over death the power to save.

Christ was faithful and true
Signified by the color, blue.
Blue as the azure sky
As Christ ascended to heaven on high
To prepare a home for me and you.

Gold as the streets of heaven
Where all the forgiven
Will find their eternal home
Entering through the gates of pearl.

Easter is the celebration of the risen Savior
Symbolized by the colorful Easter eggs hidden and found.
This holy season
We remember the reason...
Hope of new life, eternal,
Through the risen Lord can be found.

©Jane Ward Smith
March 8, 2005

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